CAN200 Linux Project

Martin Homuth-Rosemann

This project gives you hardware, software and a pcb to interface CAN devices to your Linux PC.

The CAN200 Bus Interface for the PC Printer Port

The hardware consists of the CAN controller Philips 82C200 (or SJA1000) and the CAN bus interface Philips 82C250 or 82C251. Very little glue components provide the port interface, which operates with standard bidirectional PS/2 ports and Enhanced Parallel Ports EPP.

can200 schematics
Image 1: The CAN200 hardware

NEWHardware changes from version 0.1 to version 0.2
Added the Reset connection.
74HC132 instead of 74HC00.

NEWThe New Linux Driver

Jürgen Eder wrote a new driver for my hardware and the Elektor (a german electronic magazine) CAN hardware. His driver works fine and has a lot of advantages over my old one. Download the driver and some tools at Jürgen's project page.


Daniel Schramm created a PCB for CAN200 based CAN-Dongle. Visit Daniel's project page.

My Old (Obsolete) CAN200 Linux Driver for Linux 2.2.x

The driver for this interface is a loadable kernel module for Linux version 2.2.x (tested under 2.2.14).
Care was taken to use it also on older kernel versions 2.0.x (not yet tested).
The CAN200 driver is released under the GPL.
Read the can200.lsm file and the README file to get more informations about this driver.
Download the latest CAN200 driver sources.

Taming the Parallel Port

Writing Linux Device Drivers (Kernel Version 2.4.x)

Some Older Docs (Kernel Version 2.0.x and 2.2.x)

CAN Interfaces for the PC

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